A Letter to Wiley Colleagues: Our Community Rises Against Injustice

Brian Napack [square]

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. Countless other victims of violence whose names fade into history, or that we will never know because no video captured their suffering.

Like you, I’m sickened, angry and indignant at these senseless acts of inhumanity. Tragically, they echo so many earlier egregious acts of injustice suffered by people of color. And now, scenes of understandable rage across America call us to collective action to fix a system that has failed too many for too long.

We are a global education and research company with 7,000 colleagues working in over 30 countries serving a truly global community. We live and work in Minneapolis, Louisville and so many other cities and towns affected by intolerance, injustice and unrest.

These recent incidents occurred in the United States but, every day, countless other people around the world are similarly targets of bigotry, discrimination and xenophobia. For too long, the rhetoric of our leaders has rung hollow as injustice has persisted and equity gaps widened. And too often, including in these past days, their words have served to divide and inflame when they are so desperately needed to calm and heal.

Civilization is rooted in the core values of community. Acts against any of us hurt all of us. Acts that lift each of us up, lift all of us up. Today, we stand together in our active, vocal support of these values.

  • We believe no one should live in fear due to their skin color, faith, country of birth, or who they love
  • We will not tolerate hate, racism, discrimination or brutality of any kind, and we will speak out against it
  • We cherish both the caring and compassion and the dialog and debate that a community needs to thrive
  • We reject those who sow division through their words, actions, inattention or indifference

These are Wiley values.

The past 100 days of global pandemic have reminded us all of the critical importance of community, and of how much we miss human connection when we cannot be together. We have been uplifted by neighbors, essential workers, health professionals, news people and community leaders as they work, often heroically, to heal, feed, inform and nurture us all. At Wiley, we have seen scientists furiously developing testing, therapies and vaccines, and educators rapidly innovating to ensure learners can continue their developmental journeys.

We, at Wiley, know the infinite power of a global network of passionate people committed to solving big problems. For over 200 years, we’ve seen it feed the hungry, educate the masses, eradicate disease, and deliver inspiring innovation. Over the last 100 days, we’ve seen it mobilize with unprecedented speed to address an unimaginable crisis.

Today, we must turn the immense power of the global community – this special human superpower – resolutely toward the intractable problems of injustice and inequity.

Now, more than ever, we must elevate community. We must stand together, show compassion, and offer help. We must embrace diversity and uplift those in need. We must build bridges, not boundaries. We must foster knowledge, not fear. We must seek true, lasting solutions, not shallow and empty promises.

Together, we can rise up to protect, empower and elevate those that have been suffering for too long.

The Wiley community will be part of the solution.

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