For Inclusive Hiring, Findings Back Ethical Leadership Style

Written by: Lauren Kirschman
Published on: Feb 5, 2024

Ethical Leadership Style

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Olivier Le Moal

New findings indicate that white hiring managers should demonstrate an ethical leadership style during interviews with black job candidates.

As many companies aim to build diverse workforces, candidates from historically marginalized communities continue to report unfair recruitment practices and limited opportunities. Building an equitable organization starts during the hiring process, with potential supervisors playing a major role in making applicants feel comfortable.

New research examines the impact of leadership style on prospective Black employees who apply for jobs in less-diverse companies. During recruitment, diverse applicants often experience "stereotype threat", or a fear of being mistreated due to negative stereotypes about their racial group. This can cause candidates to withdraw from the hiring process.

“Our research provides an answer for what a recruiting manager can do in their own capacity regardless of company policies,” Lagowska says.

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