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Overcoming the Hurdles: Promoting Diversity Within Veterinary Medicine

Written by: Rebecca A. Packer
Published on: May 19, 2022

female veterinarian examining bunny
Photo credit: DavidPrado/Adobe Stock

During his lecture at the Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference, Dr. Charles McMillan addresses what he refers to as the “the elephant in the room,” regarding the lack of diversity within veterinary medicine as well as providing workable solutions.

It is no surprise that the veterinary profession lacks diversity, as it is painfully obvious when we look around the veterinary classroom or the faculty at veterinary schools. Working towards creating diversity is a common discussion among veterinary admissions committees. But what is the full benefit of diversity to the profession, and how do we get there? Charles McMillan, DVM, a veterinarian at IndeVets in Atlanta, Georgia, presented at the Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference (ACVC) a detailed view of why diversity is so important to the health of a profession, the hurdles we face to become more diverse, and what we can do to promote diversity within veterinary medicine.

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