Researchers: Career metrics uphold racism, sexism in science

Written by: Futurity, KAT MCALPINE-BOSTON
Published on: Dec 4, 2023

Working in Laboratory shironosov-Getty Images

Photo credit: shironosov/Getty Images

The metrics that mark career success for researchers are biased against already marginalized groups in science, say 24 researchers.

The criteria that measure progress—or lack thereof—include how often a researcher’s studies are cited by other scientists, and the number of papers they publish in prestigious, high-impact scientific journals (which often comes with an expensive price tag paid by a paper’s authors). 

"I'm over surviving in a system that is so clearly not made for me, or even more so, for some of my colleagues," says Sarah Davies. "In science, we're always talking about increasing diversity, but the coronavirus pandemic really exposed everything."

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