Women in Medicine Compendium

Published on: Aug 17, 2020

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Mission Statement of the Women in Medicine Summit


Shikha Jain


David C. Kim


Perfect prescription for inequity: The intersection of COVID-19 and the U.S. health care system

Darilyn Moyer

Adapt leadership program format, content to address needs during COVID-19 pandemic

Nancy Spector

9 things every health care leader should know about compensation

Julie K. Silver

Build leadership capacity from within

Linda Ginzel

Find your leadership style, communicate it well

Karen J. Nichols

Cultivating intentional success: 5 key steppingstones

Stacy Wood

Hack your brain to let the leader in you emerge

Alison Escalante

Coronavirus: Calling on women in medicine to lead in place

Neelum T. Aggarwal

Engage men as allies to create gender equity in health care

David G. Smith and W. Brad Johnson

Create the life in medicine that works for you

Nisha Mehta

Follow these 5 steps to develop a mentoring team

Ruth Gotian

Become active in organized medicine to impact change

Kathy Tynus

Advance the mission of Your women’s leadership committee

Sheila Dugan

Create community by starting a Women in Medicine and Science group

Vidhya Prakash and Najwa Pervin

Black women making strides and striving for more

Niva Lubin-Johnson

Overcoming gender and affinity biases in the medical profession

 Andie Kramer and Al Harris

Implicit bias in medicine: Individual-level interventions may disempower vs. empower

Cheryl Pritlove and Elizabeth Métraux

Support women medical professionals by teaching advocacy skills 

Isobel Marks

A surgeon’s approach to ergonomic modifications in the OR

Audrey Tsao and Marissa Pentico

Understand the basics of trust for leadership success
Omayra Mansfield

Getting the most from all physician leaders

Mark Hertling

Follow this roadmap to set up your private practice

Krishna Jain

Why women physicians need to be involved in politics

Joanna Turner Bisgrove

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