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  • Male Psych Researchers Forget Women in Their Field

    • May 20, 2024

    When asked to name experts in their field, male psychology researchers are more likely to think of other men—no matter that most psychologists in and out of the academy are women. This has serious implications for women researchers’ careers, affecting promotion, tenure status, and prestige and resulting in inequitable career outcomes.

  • Challenges and Opportunities for Women in Clinical Research

    • Mar 25, 2024
    • Lisa D. Ellis

    An examination of the challenges facing women in clinical research and how women can best position themselves to succeed.

  • Young Scientist

    Myths About 'Talent' Disadvantage Women in Science

    • Feb 26, 2024
    • Maria Hornbek

    Could it be that most men simply have character traits that are well-suited to the sciences? The faculty we spoke with say that when you’re on the hunt for talent, you’re looking for people like yourself. But are these ‘boyish behaviors’ the most important qualities to becoming a good scientist?

  • Supporting Diversity in STEM

    How Allies Can Fight Discrimination Against Black, Latino STEM Students

    • Feb 20, 2024
    • Amy McCaig

    Calling out discriminatory behavior is an effective way for white students to help combat racism against Black and Latino science, technology, engineering, and math students, researchers report.

  • Girls in STEM

    Scientists May Misunderstand the Gender Gap in Physics

    • Jan 29, 2024
    • Amy McCaig

    A recent study suggests women are less likely to pursue a career in physics. Researchers warn that this individualist argument blunt initiatives promoting women's equality in STEM.

  • Diversity in medicine

    Diversity in Medicine has Measurable Benefits

    • Oct 6, 2023
    • Paul B. Rothman, M.D.

    We are in the process of building a diverse workforce capable of relating to our patients and speaking their language, both literally and figuratively. This is not just about fairness—diversity in medicine has measurable benefits.

  • EM trainees

    “I’d rather see action”: Application and recruitment experiences of underrepresented in emergency medicine trainees

    • Aug 25, 2023
    • Michelle Suh MD, MAT, Lauren T. Callaghan, Elise Brickhouse, Haley Ponce, Aleksandr Tichter MD, M. Tyson Pillow MD, MEd, Anita Chary MD, PhD

    Through qualitative interviews, our study shows that perceptions of authentic commitment to DEI, racial representation in the learning environment, and being seen as a learner first were key factors in EM residency applicants’ program evaluation process.

  • Medical Scientists

    Diversity, equity, and inclusion in research: Implications for nurse scientists

    • Jul 14, 2023
    • Mercy Ngosa Mumba, Mudasir Andrabi

    This article reviews why we should review DEI in research and provides 3 strategies Nurse Scientists can use to increase DEI in healthcare research.

  • Black woman in academia

    A seat at the table is not enough: a perspective on Black women representation in academia

    • May 5, 2023
    • Ane Ogbe

    Although it has been reported extensively that academia has a racism and sexism problem, the intersection of race and gender in academia is one that is not often highlighted and thus unacknowledged. The reality is that racism and sexism have a double-dose effect for Black women in academia.

  • Diversity in the Workplace

    Assessing barriers to the career ladder and professional development for ethnic minority genetic counselors in the United States

    • Mar 30, 2023
    • Aaron Baldwin, Taylor Berninger, Barbara Harrison, Erica Ramos, Molly A. McGinniss

    According to US Census data, by 2044, more than half of individuals living in the United States are expected to be from a racial or ethnic minority group; however, this level of diversity is not reflected in the genetic counseling workforce.

  • ethnic medical team

    Report Highlights Lack of Medical Worker Diversity – and How to Fix That

    • Feb 27, 2023
    • Michael Merschel

    Racial and ethnic diversity among medical workers is critical to Americans' health, but more needs to be done to recruit, train and support those professionals, a new report says.

  • female science student

    In OW-STEM, a Legacy Push for STEM Diversity

    • Feb 20, 2023
    • Gregory Zeller

    Opening STEM fields to traditionally "underrepresented" communities strengthens future workforces.

  • female computer gamer

    Esports are Seen as a Pathway to Boost Diversity in STEM Careers

    • Feb 13, 2023
    • Claire Savage

    By channeling students’ enthusiasm for esports, schools and businesses aim to prepare them for careers in science, technology, engineering, and math at a time when the fields lack racial diversity.

  • female scientist

    Leadership in Science: How Female Researchers are Breaking up the Boys’ Club

    • Jan 23, 2023
    • Julie Gould

    Science needs to progress from purely ‘white Alpha male’ approaches to leadership.

  • diverse networking

    MyNRMN: A National Mentoring and Networking Platform to Enhance Connectivity and Diversity in the Biomedical Sciences

    • Dec 5, 2022
    • Toufeeq Ahmed, Jay Johnson, Zainab Latif, Nan Kennedy, Damaris Javier, Katie Stinson, Jamboor K. Vishwanatha

    The chief mission of the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN) is to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in the biosciences workforce through the mentoring of historically underrepresented individuals.

  • Asian female scientist

    Building Diversity in STEM

    • Nov 8, 2022
    • Sherri L. Bassner

    Embracing a holistic approach to DEI leadership in the workplace.

  • female Muslim scientist

    Outlook of Women in Science: An Interview With Our Authors

    • Oct 11, 2022
    • Wiktoria Blaszczak, Asma Ahmed, Katharina Leithner, Antonia Schubert, Michelle Leech, Claudine Bonder, Ioannis Tsagakis

    Diversity in research teams ties alternative perspectives into research projects, and this can fast-forward scientific progress.

  • young woman doctor

    Promoting Gender Diversity in Leadership Within Medicine with Sandra Fryhofer, MD

    • Oct 3, 2022

    In this American Medical Association update, Sandra Fryhofer, MD, discusses how she leads with purpose.

  • diversity in STEM

    Inspiring More Diversity in STEM

    • Sep 6, 2022
    • Lennis Perez

    From teaching kids how to code, to helping students graduate without college debt, there are many Latinx who are doing incredible things to bring more diversity into STEM.

  • diverse workforce

    Race in the Workplace: The Frontline Experience

    • Aug 26, 2022
    • Chris Copeland, Monne Williams, Bryan Hancock, Sofia Soto, Lareina Yee

    This report shines a light on the experiences of frontline workers of color, the pathways from the front line to the middle class, and the skills workers need to advance.