Postdoc: Intensity correlations to probe quantum correlations in a cold atomic cloud

Oct 11, 2020
Nov 09, 2020
Organization Type
University and College
Full Time
- Experimental work on a Rb cold atom experiment
- Search for quantum signature (quantum correlations between atoms , in the light matter interaction,...) in the light scattered by a multi-atomic ensemble
- Supervision of 1 or 2 PhD students

The postdoctoral researcher will be part of the "cold atoms" group (leader: Robin Kaiser), on the Rb cold atom experiment leaded by Mathilde Hugbart (Fouche).
Cold atoms coupled to photons are a promising platform for quantum information, computation and communication: atoms are adequate systems to store and/or correlate photons, while the photons themselves can be efficient carriers of information over great distances. In our project, we focus on one specific tool: sources of correlated photons, exploiting collective, multimode quantum states of atomic ensembles. The main scientific objective of this project is to explore a new kind of correlated photon source based on a multi-atom ensemble.

The goal is to address a genuine signature of quantum correlations between atoms, at this time theoretically studied in the framework of our collaboration with theoreticians in Brazil. This signature will be first scrutinized thanks to intensity correlation measurements applied on the light scattered by the cold atomic sample, and which have already been shown to be a powerful technique to give information on the light matter interaction such as the effect of single or multiple scattering. This part is mainly experimental but numerical studies could be also possible.

This project is funded by the ANR (International (France-Brazil) grant Cold atoms, photons, and quantum correlations (QuaCor) from the French National Research Agency (ANR19-CE47-0014-01).
Cold atoms group -

Wave propagation in diffusive media is an important subject for numerous fields (medical imaging, acoustics, seismology, stellar physics, ...). The experiments that we pursue make use of an original medium: a laser-cooled atomic cloud. The peculiar properties of this diffusive medium (strong resonances, strong nonlinearity, quantum internal structure of the scatterers, mechanical effects of light on the atoms, quantum effects...) give rise to a very rich physics. We study several subjects in this context.

More generally, we are interested in collective effects in light-atom interaction, which include multiple scattering of light but also nonlinear optics or cooperative scattering.
Finally, we have been involved in a fruitful collaboration with astrophysicists on the measurement of light correlations (Hanbury Brown and Twiss technique). Our work is mainly experimental, using four cold-atom apparatus and several smaller hot-vapor setups, but also theoretical, in particular through many collaborations.

- PhD thesis
- Knowledge of optical and atomic physics experiments
- Experience on cold atom experiments is essential
- Experience in numerical scientific computing (MATLAB, Python,...)
- Languages: French or English
- Serious and motivated, good communication skills and ability to work independently

Detailed CV and letters from 2 ou 3 previous supervisors

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