Researcher/post-doc - Development Of Experimentally Informed Numerical Models

Oct 11, 2020
Nov 09, 2020
Organization Type
University and College
Full Time
The RESEARCHER/POST-DOC will be required to perform the following activities:
- Implementation and validation of inviscid gas dynamics models (i.e. scalar and reactive Euler equations) with sources/sinks to study the overall dynamics of FA and TRP (using an in-house FORTRAN solver called RESIDENT),
- Comparison with and integration of experimental data into numerical models,
- Implementation and validation of viscous terms into our in-house solver RESIDENT,
- Data analysis,
- Scientific communication (i.e. journal articles).

At the CNRS, Laboratoire Pprime, based at Chasseneuil-Futuroscope, is recruiting one RESEARCHER/POST-DOC who will be in chargewill be in charge of investigating the heat release and fluid dynamics aspects of flame acceleration (FA) and transition to fast propagation regimes (TFPR) through numerical simulations based on experimental results.
The RESEARCHER / POST-DOC, within the framework of a ANR Jeune Chercheur, will work on the FAsTD project within the Fluids, Thermal and Combustion Department of the Pprime Institute.

The research traditionally carried out in the team includes strong emphasis in experimental and numerical work. The team is internationally recognized in the scientific community and has state-of-the-art experimental facilities and numerical codes.

The RESEARCHER/POST-DOC will have the following knowledge and skills:
- Ph.D in numerical simulations of high speed compressible reacting flow,
- Strong background in fluid mechanics, gas dynamics, thermodynamics, and chemistry,
- Experience with scientific coding, and code development in FORTRAN at the solver level (i.e. implementation of numerical schemes for gas dynamics and chemistry),
- High Performance computing experience for submitting/monitoring parallel jobs to computing clusters, as well as with post-processing large quantities of data (order of 100's GB to TBs of data),
- Team work, attention to detail, exceptional analytical and critical thinking skills.

=> Coronavirus information :
The CNRS reserves the right to postpone the recruitment date according to the evolution of the situation in France.

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