Short term contract (6 month) post-doc junior

Oct 11, 2020
Oct 28, 2020
Organization Type
University and College
Full Time
- High-throughput screens with compound libraries to identify molecules with the ability to inhibit influenza A virus replication
- Hit validation on a panel of influenza A and B viruses via classic virology techniques
- Caracterization of mushroom extracts active against influenza A virus
- Production and handling of influenza A and B viruses in BSL2 and BSL3 confinment lab (containment level depending on the strains used)
- Cell culture
- Analyse the data and report them in a labbook, prepare scientific presentation
- Preserve the confidentiality of the data

The postdoctoral researcher will manage 2 projects and perform experiments in order to:
i) screen molecules libraries and emushroom extracts in a 384 well-plate format (ie high-throughput screens) for their potential antiviral activity against influenza A virus (format 384 puits)
ii) characterize a mushroom extract previously identified as highly active against influenza A virus

The postdoc researcher will join the "interferon and antiviral restriction team" led by Caroline Goujon at the Institut de Recherche en Infectiologie de Montpellier (IRIM, UMR9004). This team studies the natural defence mechanisms of mammalian cells against HIV-1, influenza A virus and SARS-CoV-2, in particular the defences induced by type 1 interféron. The team also develops applied research project to identify new antiviral inhibitors against influenza viruses and SARS-CoV-2. In the context of influenza A virus projects, the team has secured "pre-maturation" grants from La Région Occitanie (Antigrip-Anticip project led by C. Goujon/O. Moncorgé and Fongal Kombat Microbes project led by Jean-Michel Bellanger, CEFE, in collaboration with Matteo Bonazzi, IRIM) as well as an ERC Proof of Concept grant. This projects aim to identify new active molecules against influenza viruses (Antigrip-Anticip), notably among a unique mediterranean mushroom extract collection (Fongal Kombat Microbes) and to caracterise a family of anti-influenza molecules they have identified (ERC PoC FluAttack). The research will work on the Antigrip-Anticip and Fongal Kombat Microbes project, in collaboration with Jean-Michel Bellanger (CEFE) and Matteo Bonazzi (IRIM).

- Knowledge and expertise on influenza viruses handling absolutely required
- Strong experience in working in BSL2 and BSL3 containments labs with pathogenic agents
- Expertise on influenza virus production using reverse genetic systems and experience in titration methods (plaque assays)
- Previous experience in high-throughput screens (in a 384-well plate format)

Research programs funded by the Région Occitanie : ANTIGRIP ANTICIP and FUNGAL KOMBAT MICROBES

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