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Dec 17, 2020
Jan 16, 2021
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The Nano- and Quantum Electronics group at the Department of Physics of the University of Basel is welcoming applications for an experimental postdoctoral fellowship.

The project is part of a National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR), named "Spin", recently selected by the Swiss NSF. This long-term project aims to advance semiconductor-based spin-qubits to a level where quantum-error correction can be demonstrated. It starts with single and two qubit gates and will evolve to a network of qubits that interact via photonic quantum busses.

The fellowship will take part in a dynamic network of researchers with collaborators from IBM, ETHZ and EPFL. The current project will first focus on circuit-QED with single spin-qubits, i.e. the interaction of a single electron or hole spin in a quantum dot defined in a semiconductor that couples via spin-orbit interaction to the photon field of a microwave resonator. Specifically, we will start with qubits defined in GeSi-nanowires. Next, qubit-qubit coupling shall be demonstrated.

Your position

All members are expected to work in a team and collaborate with other PhD students and postdoctoral fellows within the group and within the NCCR network. Start of the project is 1st Jan. 2021 or later. You will be fabricating your own nanodevices and measure quantum properties in different cryogenic systems down to milli-Kelvin temperature. There will be a strong emphasis on Rf techniques that are used to control and read spin-qubit using high-quality on chip microwave resonators.

The duration is first set to one year with the provision for extensions for further years. Requirement

Your profile

We are looking for a highly motivated physicist who is keen to push the boundaries of circuit QED with spin qubits. You should have done a PhD in experimental solid-state physics. You are experienced in low-temperature quantum transport and micro- and nanofabrication technology. You are ready to collaborate and share your knowledge and experience in a team. We expect a strong dedication and commitment to push the frontiers of experimental physics.

We offer you

We offer state-of-the art infrastructure in a lively research environment at an esteemed University with excellent support in a highly motivated team and a very good outcome.

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