Senior Lecturer - Institute of Clinical Sciences

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University of Birmingham
Birmingham, United Kingdom
£51,034.00 - £77,108.00
Apr 03, 2021
Apr 27, 2021
Organization Type
University and College
Full Time
Position Details

Institute of Clinical Sciences

Location: University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham UK

Full time starting salary is normally in the range £51,034 to £59,135, with potential progression once in post to £77,108.

Grade 9

Full time permanent

Job Description


The postholder will join a vibrant pharmaceutics research group within the School of Pharmacy, College of Medical & Dental Sciences. The School is part of the Institute of Clinical Sciences alongside the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Biomedical Sciences.

Significant opportunities exist for collaboration with researchers in other Institutes within the College, the wider university and importantly with clinicians in delivering translational research outcomes.

Summary of Role

The postholder will create and disseminate knowledge at a senior level through initiating and conducting significant original research and through developing and delivering undergraduate, postgraduate and CPD programmes with contributions to appropriate administrative roles.

Research will involve an established national and developing international reputation through significant original research work and a clear record of impact, and/or designing and developing significant innovative underpinning technologies.

Teaching is likely to include: (a) development and leadership of major teaching programmes or equivalent; and (b) enhancement off the student experience or employability that is of manifest benefit to the School, College and University.

Management and administration is likely to include Departmental/School leadership and management activity with University wide involvement that may include sustained high value impact knowledge transfer, enterprise, business engagement, public engagement and similar activities that are of manifest benefit to the College and University.

Main Duties and Responsibilities


To pursue sustained research activity through original research and scholarship, including other research-related contributions through conference papers and presentations and/or consultancy projects and advice.

This includes the responsibilities listed below:
  • Make a major contribution to the management of research activities
  • Lead successful funding bids which develop and sustain research support for the specialist area
  • Publish leading research that results in a sustained, highly respected reputation of international quality in the subject area
  • Provide expert advice internally and externally
  • Provide leadership of research that contributes to the progression of the discipline
  • Referee and peer review articles for peer reviewed academic journals and grant applications by research councils and/or other major funding bodies
  • Lead sustained high value impact activity in knowledge transfer and enterprise (including business engagement, public engagement) that is of manifest benefit to the College and University, and: a) makes a significant contribution to policy development at a national and international level; and b) involves development of industrial links and comparable networks and initiatives.
  • Supervise and examine PhD students, both within the institution and externally
  • Manage research activities and/or supervise other research staff

Learning and Teaching

To contribute at a senior level on a sustained basis in learning and teaching.

This includes the responsibilities listed below:
  • Lead the development of new and appropriate approaches to learning and teaching.
  • Act as adviser for teaching and learning methods through excellent practice and mentoring other colleagues
  • Lead the design and/or co-ordination of speciality specific parts of programmes or equivalent activities across the School or Department
  • Contribute to debate nationally about policy, methods and practices through publications, conference activity and roles that advance quality in the discipline
  • Lead the development and management of subject specific assessment strategies within the School/Department
  • Lead substantial and sustained high value impact activity in knowledge transfer and enterprise (including business engagement, public engagement) that enhances the student experience and/or employability and is of manifest benefit to learning and teaching in the College and the University. This includes the development of industrial links and comparable networks and initiatives where possible.
  • Teach and examine courses at a range of levels
  • Plan and review own teaching approaches and act as a mentor to encourage others to do the same
  • Develop programme proposals and make substantial contributions to the subject specific design of teaching programmes more widely in the Department or School, as appropriate
  • Undertake and develop the full range of responsibilities in relation to supervision, marking and examining
  • Use appropriate approaches to learning and teaching in their field
  • Disseminate appropriate practices through suitable media
  • Develop and advise others on learning and teaching tasks and methods
  • Supervise / facilitate supervision of undergraduate projects in pharmacy practice and clinical pharmacy
  • Contribute to development of innovative approaches to learning in order to optimise student retention and progression, whilst maintaining high standards.


To chair and/or lead activities in the School and representation on University committees or working groups.

This is likely to include the responsibilities listed below where necessary.
  • Make an important contribution to the development and running of the School, for example, leading activity on teaching assessment and/or on research
  • Assist Pharmacy managers in meeting the accreditation requirements of the General Pharmaceutical Council
  • Develop and manage staff and resources in support of major research and/or teaching activities
  • Make important contributions to the development of the School research strategy and/or learning and teaching strategy
  • Contribute significantly to the development and delivery of knowledge transfer, enterprise, business engagement and public engagement activities with a sustained high value impact of manifest benefit to the College and the University
  • contribute to the administration/management of research and teaching across the School
  • Lead/project manage a team to devise and implement a new and/or revised process (e.g. new programme or a recruitment drive)
  • Advise on personal development of staff and students
  • Make a sustained contribution to widening participation, schools outreach and/or public understanding of the discipline
  • Contribute to administrative activities within the University (e.g. appeals panels, working groups)
  • Develop and manage staff and resources in support of major research and/or teaching activities
  • Work with networks of contacts in the field of Pharmacy or related disciplines, both academic and professional, at regional, national and international levels
  • Represent the Pharmacy section at relevant national professional and academic bodies through specific roles in existing academic and clinical networks

Person Specification

The postholder will possess a higher degree relevant to the research/teaching area (usually PhD) or equivalent qualifications

They will demonstrate competence in research, learning & teaching and management & administration with excellent outputs in at least two of these areas.

Research requirements

An excellent national reputation and a developing international profile through significant original research work and a clear record of impact. Evidence of success under the following headings:
  • High level peer esteem as evidenced by
  • Excellent reputation in the UK and often internationally, reflected in sustained high quality output, level of innovation, impact on subject and recognition
  • An excellent and sustained record of peer reviewed research publications

Learning and teaching requirements

An excellent teaching profile and performance in terms of both impact and quality. The teaching quality demonstrated to be informed by an appropriate level of scholarship. Evidence of success under the following headings:
  • Management and administration-related requirements
  • Demonstrated significant achievement in management and administration-related activities, which may include leadership of activities/initiatives. Evidence of success under the following headings
  • Successful and sustained contribution to the corporate life of the School/College/University, displaying willingness to contribute actively to committees, collaborative teaching and administrative tasks
  • Successful and sustained supervision of doctoral students to completion
  • Substantial and sustained research income generation, e.g. through research grants, contracts, research consultancy or other external funding
  • Sustained high value impact knowledge transfer and enterprise that is of manifest benefit to the College and University
  • High national reputation for the development of teaching and learning excellence within the discipline
  • Successful and sustained use of a range of appropriate teaching methods, and assessment strategies that promote high quality learning, including learning that is flexible, distinctive and current and stimulates learners' natural curiosity
  • Significant and sustained contribution to one or more of the following: contribution to strategic development of new programmes; approaches to learning; the development of learning resources
  • High quality and sustained contributions to fostering excellence in teaching activities more widely, i.e. in the School or College and/or externally
  • Track record of substantial and sustained high value impact on the enhancement of the student experience, and/or employability
  • Mentoring and expert advice which develops the skills of colleagues in teaching and in fostering learning
  • Successful and sustained performance in significant administrative/managerial role (s) (e.g. exams officer)
  • Significant and sustained high quality innovative contributions to the management/administration of the School, College or University
  • Experience of developing interventions to address equality and diversity issues.
  • Informal enquiries can be made to Professor John Marriott (Head of Pharmacy) email

    We value diversity at The University of Birmingham and welcome applications from all sections of the community '

    Valuing excellence; sustaining investment

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