Derby Public Schools
Derby, KS
Sep 14, 2021
Sep 17, 2021
Organization Type
  • School Nurses (multiple positions and buildings) - for 2021-22 onlyJobID: 3611

School Nurse

Job Description

Purpose: The school nurse helps students attain an optimum level of physical, social and emotional health. In order to coordinate a comprehensive student health program, the school nurse must work closely with the staff and administration of Derby Public Schools.

Responsible to: Building Principal and the Director of Special services.

Salary: Annual Contract

Classification of Employment: Exempt

Date: October 2012

  1. Current Kansas Board of Nursing License (Registered Nurse) or BSN in nursing.
  2. CPR certified.
  3. One-year experience as registered nurse, preferred.
  4. Certified in Audio logical screening (willing to secure certificate after hiring).

Essential Functions:
  1. Knowledge, Skill and Abilities
  2. Help students attain an optimum level of physical, social and emotional health.
  3. Establish and maintain a comprehensive health program for students and employees of the school district.
  4. Ensure all activities conform to school district guidelines. d. Communicate effectively with all members of the school district. e. Work effectively with community organizations.
  5. React to change productively and handle other tasks as assigned. g. Appropriately operate all equipment as required.
  6. Support the value of an education.
  7. Support the philosophy and mission of the school district. j. Comply with all district policies, rules and regulations.
  8. Physical Requirements/Environmental Conditions:
  9. Requires the ability to sit and/or stand for prolonged periods. b. Occasionally requires the ability to move, lift, carry, pull or push heavy objects or materials.
  10. Occasionally requires the ability to stoop, bend and reach. d. Requires extensive use of hands.
  11. Requires the ability to occasionally travel.
  12. Must be able to work in noisy and crowded environments. g. Requires regular attendance and/or physical presence at the job.

General Responsibilities:
  1. Establish and maintain a comprehensive health program for students and employees of the school district.
  2. Conduct student health appraisals including:
  • Nursing assessments.
  • Vision screenings.
  • Hearing screenings.
  • Weighing and measuring.
  • Follow-up of problems noted.
  • Consultation with teachers and parents regarding health problems.
  1. Coordinate a program of communicable disease control based on Kansas's immunization laws to include:
  • Maintaining immunization records for each student.
  • Communicating with parents regarding immunization requirements. 4. Coordinate a comprehensive program of caring for students who are injured or who become ill at school.
  1. Provide faculty and staff with first-aid training and supplies as appropriate or as needed.
  2. Provide emergency care for accidents and sudden illness of pupils until parents assume responsibility.
  3. Notify parents and building administrators regarding children who are severely ill or injured.
  4. Report school accidents to the Director of Operations.
  5. Enforce and monitor medication guidelines.
  6. Coordinate and supervise a comprehensive program of dental health education.
  7. Encourage parents to provide their children with annual dental check-ups. 12. Coordinate and supervise a comprehensive program of health education. 13. Confer with parents and community agencies concerning the health of children following confidentially guidelines.
  8. Counsel with teachers, students and parents concerning children's individual health concerns and formulate a plan for facilitating adequate attendance for these students.
  9. Assist in referral and planning programs for exceptional children. 16. Assist students in developing feelings of self-worth and in making social adjustments that permit them to cope with disabilities.
  10. Maintain a cumulative health record for each student, recording all data pertinent to the child's health.
  11. Submit accurate and timely reports as required by various health agencies.
  12. Immediately report to the director any safety hazards or unsanitary conditions observed in the school environment.
  13. Order and maintain all supplies for the health service program.
  14. Supervise staff members as assigned.
  15. See that school district policies are observed during all activities.
  16. Obtain prior approval for all special activities and expenditures.
  17. Keep abreast of new information, innovative ideas and techniques.
  18. Delegate nursing tasks to appropriate district employees as approved by S tate Board of Nursing to include teaching, supervising, documentation, medication delivery, and care plans.
  19. Adhere to all district health and safety policies.
  20. Other duties as assigned by the principal, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Director of Special Services and building principal which are consistent with the general requirements and qualifications for the position.

See the 2021 Benefit Guide for more information on health insurance, supplemental insurances, and other benefits our teachers are eligible for.

ESOL Endorsement Requirements:
Elementary classroom teachers, as well as middle and high school level language arts teachers are required to hold an ESOL endorsement by the end of their third year with the district. Currently, this endorsement can be added by testing (no college courses are required). The district will provide a study session for the praxis exam and reimburse teachers for cost of 1 exam.

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