Bioinformatics Research Scientist

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Bo Bo, IN
Closing date
May 22, 2022

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The laboratory of Dr. Xiaotu Ma in the department of Computational Biology is seeking a Bioinformatics Research Scientist/Lead Bioinformatics Analyst to join the team with a target start date of July 1, 2022. The Ma lab tackles the cancer initiating events through studying intra-tumor heterogeneity and clonal evolution, which have been demonstrated to be driving mechanisms of relapsed ALL as well as metastatic solid tumors. Mechanistic insights gained from our study can provide novel insights into the development of drug-resistance during cancer treatment which in turn will lead to innovative therapeutic strategies to the clinical management of cancers and improved cure rate.

The candidate will develop and apply novel computational approaches to uncover the intra-tumor heterogeneity at diagnosis and to track the clonal evolution during treatment, by integrating the state-of-art high-throughput deep sequencing technologies on the genome, epigenome and transcriptome of patient samples at both bulk tumor level and single cell level.

PhD in Bioinformatics, Cancer Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Computer Science, Mathematics or related field are encouraged to apply. Prior experience in high-throughput next generation sequence data analysis under high performance computing (HPC) environment is preferred. The successful candidate is expected to have good programming skills in [python or perl or C] and R.

Relevant papers

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Minimum Education

• Bachelors degree is required.

• Masters degree or PHD is preferred

Minimum Experience

Lead Bioinformatics Analyst

• Six (6) years of relevant experience is required.

• Four (4) years of relevant experience may be acceptable with a Masters degree.

• No experience may be acceptable with a PHD in Computer Science or Bioinformatics, with a background in the biological sciences.

• Experience in programming (Python, Java, C/C++, perl or other programming/scripting languages) under linux/unix environment is required.

• Experience with and the ability to deal with a wide range of users is required.

• Experience of independent data analyses and project management is required.

• End user support and training experience is required.

Bioinformatics Research Scientist

• Seven (7) years of relevant post-degree work experience is required

• Five (5) years of relevant post-degree work experience is required with a Masters degree

• Two (2) years of relevant post-degree work experience is required with a PhD

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