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Boulder, CO
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Mar 24, 2023

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Who We Are:

The Department of Solar and Heliospheric Physics within SwRI's Boulder office performs research, develops missions and instruments, and engages in outreach activities in solar and heliophysics, with particular specialties in high energy processes in the solar corona and their propagation through the middle corona into the heliosphere. We are currently developing new missions for spectroscopic imaging of flares, coronal mass ejections, active regions, and the solar wind in the lower and middle corona, as well as developing and applying new data analysis tools and techniques to support the science behind these projects. These projects span the electromagnetic spectrum from gamma, X-rays, and the extreme ultraviolet to visible and infrared and are the cutting edge of new observing capabilities.

Objectives of this Role:

  • Lead and/or contribute to development of new missions, mission concepts, and data analysis tools and techniques for solar coronal remote sensing research.
  • Develop and advance novel image processing and/or spectroscopic analysis techniques.
  • Help build, calibrate, and test new remote sensing instrumentation for solar coronal imaging and/or spectroscopy.
  • Develop or extend a program of funded research in the fields of solar coronal physics and space weather, with emphasis on high-energy solar processes and leveraging new missions, instruments, and mission concepts.

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities:

  • Participate in mission and instrument development activities, including laboratory and/or field calibration and testing of instruments, and development of flight and/or ground operational software.
  • Develop and apply cutting edge techniques of coronal imaging and spectroscopy; and prototype, develop, validate, and test software to carry out data processing and analysis of solar coronal observations.
  • Develop, propose, and carry out applied and/or fundamental research using existing solar coronal observations and new mission data.
  • Disseminate scientific and/or technical progress and results to the broader scientific community through internal team meetings, peer-reviewed journal articles, scientific conferences and workshops, and technical documents and reports.
  • Develop, foster, and extend new scientific and/or technical research and development collaborations within the Institute, and with external partners, both nationally and internationally.


  • Requires a PhD with a 3.00 GPA in Solar Physics, Space Weather, Astronomy/Astrophysics, Physics, Applied Physics, or related field with related experience
  • 3-5 years: Scientific analysis of solar remote sensing data
  • 3-5 years: Scientific software design or implementation in a data analysis environment such as IDL or Python
  • 3-5 years: Flight or laboratory experience with solar remote sensing instrumentation, including calibration and data analysis
  • Experience with X-ray and/or extreme ultraviolet solar image and/or spectroscopic data
  • Demonstrated history of participation in or leadership of successful scientific and/or technical proposals to federal funding agencies

Special Requirements:

Work assignment is in Boulder, Colorado. Must be a U.S. person (i.e., U.S. citizen, non-U.S. citizen national, lawful permanent resident, asylee, or refugee) due to ITAR work in section.

Job Locations: Boulder, Colorado

Salary Range: $84,760.00 - $141,294.00

For benefits information at our San Antonio location, click here.
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An Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer
Race/Color/Religion/Sex/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity/National Origin/Disabled/Veteran
Committed to Diversity in the Workplace

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