Tenured Faculty and Director, Gene Therapy Center

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC
Closing date
Jun 12, 2023

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Pediatrics - 412001
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Position Type:
Permanent Faculty
Working Title:
Tenured Faculty and Director, Gene Therapy Center
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Open Rank
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Full-Time Permanent
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Position Summary:
The University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill is seeking candidates for a tenured faculty position in the Department of Pediatrics. Rank will be determined at a level commensurate with the applicant's experience and accomplishments.
This position will have an administrative role as the Director for the UNC Gene Therapy Center, a productive, well-funded, and internationally recognized center for both adeno-associated virus and lentivirus vector development. The UNC School of Medicine created the Gene Therapy Center in 1993 with the goal of merging genetics research with healthcare delivery. The mission of the Gene Therapy Center is to focus on the development of novel gene delivery systems and application of translational research for patient populations affected by genetic disorders. Goals include, providing an intellectual environment for a diverse community of research scientists dedicated to basic and translational research; these scientists explore the molecular biology of viral and non-viral vector delivery systems for use in basic research with the eventual goal of human gene therapy. Towards this end, the UNC Gene Therapy Center has engaged in a number of seminal Phase I gene transfer studies. These studies have included patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Hemophilia B, and Mucopolysaccharidosis.
Additional goals of the Gene Therapy Center include understanding the mechanism of cell entry, persistence, and immune response at the basic science level in order to create more efficient gene transfer vectors. To accomplish this, the Gene Therapy Center brings together a diverse group of gene therapy scientists to not only share facilities, but also work collaboratively to advance the understanding of gene delivery mechanisms. In addition, a specialized "state of the art" UNC Vector Core facility, created to support preclinical gene therapy studies, provides important resources to academic investigators on campus and across the globe.
The Director of the Gene Therapy Center should ideally be a visionary physician-scientist leader who will build upon the existing strengths of the Gene Therapy Center to keep the center innovating into the next decade. In addition to conducting their own gene therapy research, the Director of the Gene Therapy Center will have responsibility for strategic planning, development, and overall accountability of the Center. As such, this position will oversee faculty, administration, and finances for the Gene Therapy Center. The Director will support researchers and strengthen the collaboration of the Gene Therapy Center within the School of Medicine and beyond. In this role, the Director will provide the vision and intellectual leadership across the basic and clinical science aspects of the center. This includes developing a plan for expanding translational research within the center, and leading new early phase clinical trials based upon the science of Gene Therapy Center members. The new director's plans for fulfilling the Gene Therapy Center's mission in the application of translational research for patient populations affected by genetic disorders will be instrumental in the continued growth and success of the center.
Minimum Education and Experience Requirements:
MD, MD/PhD trained or PhD degree
Preferred Qualifications, Competencies, and Experience:
Qualifications and Experience: MD or MD/PhD trained, Board Certified physician. Preference will be shown for candidates having an active demonstrated record of conducting clinical research in the area of gene therapy in diseases that impact children, including NIH-funded clinical trials, with a background in and knowledge of compliance with regulatory standards and good clinical practice guidelines. This includes the use of current Good Manufacturing Practice in the production of gene therapy preparations for use in humans. Preferred research experience also includes leading collaborations among basic and clinical scientists to bring gene therapy treatments from the bench to bedside.
In addition, candidates will possess excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills required of a leader to build trusting relationships and identify common goals. Experience recruiting to build collaborations and understanding processes that may need to be navigated for human subjects research in gene therapy (eg, potential tech transfer, partnering with industry and philanthropy) are preferred.
The ideal candidate will have demonstrated research and leadership experience necessary to lead a productive, collaborative center at a leading academic institution. This includes experience monitoring operational, financial, and research outcomes and reporting back to Departmental and School leadership.

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