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Occupational Therapy Assistant Pediatrics/ Adjunct Instructor

Southeastern College
Pineridge, SC
Closing date
Sep 20, 2023

The core mission of Southeastern College is to provide targeted educational services that meet community needs. The role of campus Faculty members is to engage students, foster learning, role model professionalism, and ultimately produce competently trained students prepared for professional careers.

Education, and Training:Faculty delivers courses that are part of standard academic programs. The Occupational Therapy Assistant Pediatrics Instructor is responsible for ensuring a quality education for students in their course and program at the campus level and Should also have at a minimum have:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Four years of experience in the field
  • Licensed OTA
BUSINESS CONTRIBUTIONS: Faculty and instructional staff are responsible for leveraging their expertise to deliver education services to students through:
  • Delivering course lectures
  • Facilitating student engagement
  • Working one-on-one with students
  • Assessing students and providing developmental feedback

Prepare Course Plans and Materials:
  • Review Course Control Document (CCD)
  • Prepare syllabus
  • Create lesson plans
  • Create exams, quizzes, and projects/assignments
  • Coordinate with librarian and bookstore for availability of materials
Deliver Courses:
  • Administer pre-test/post-test
  • Deliver lectures/facilitate labs
  • Grade projects and exams
  • Provide progress reports/mid-term feedback
  • Maintain grade book
  • Enforce policies (attendance, dress code, no food and drink...)
Monitor Progress/Attendance:
  • Monitor student progress and follow-up as needed
  • Take daily attendance and enforce attendance policy
  • Follow-up with students who miss a class (phone calls)
  • Report attendance issues to the Dean
Advise Students:
  • Answer student questions
  • Be available for one-on-one assistance/tutoring
Record Grades and Submit Reports:
  • Maintain grade books
  • Adhere to departmental grading policies
  • Provide Dean with weekly reports
  • Provide students with mid-term evaluations
  • Submit final grades
Other Duties - Adjunct and Full-time Faculty:
  • Monitor equipment and supply needs
  • Maintain classroom
  • Maintain any relevant licensures and certifications
  • Seek out an approved substitute in case of faculty member's need for absence
  • Participate in graduation ceremonies
  • Work with Dean, Associate Dean, and other Faculty on retention plans and programs
Other Duties - Full-time Faculty:
  • Attend campus faculty meetings
  • Work with Program Coordinators
  • Participate in committees and knowledge sharing forums
  • Prepare for and participate in convocation

The physical demands are those required in a professional office setting and higher education teaching environment: communicating with coworkers, presenting to a classroom of students (virtual classrooms for on-line), demonstrating procedures and techniques, and getting to and from appropriate classes and offices.


Professional office setting: moderate noise levels; controlled indoor climate.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.


This position is an onsite position located at your campus unless otherwise determined by the Executive Director and/or designee. Any changes must be reviewed by the Campus President and all final approvals must come from the Executive Director and/or designee.

Job Specification Faculty (Full-time and Adjunct)

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience:

Faculty members are responsible for the delivery of quality education services. This entails engaging students, fostering learning, role modeling professionalism, and ultimately producing competently trained students prepared for professional careers. This includes working with the Dean, Program Coordinators, and other campus faculty to ensure consistent and high quality delivery of assigned courses.

Below is an inclusive but not exhaustive list of various knowledge, skills, and other characteristics that are necessary for effective performance in the Faculty position.
  • Knowledge: All Faculty must have the minimum level of education required and relevant expertise within their specific discipline related to the program or specific courses they teach. Faculty must also have knowledge of:
  • Academic instruction/course delivery
  • Adult learning
  • Course and curriculum development
  • Classroom Management - communicating with and facilitating discussions among a diverse range of non-traditional students
  • Planning - organizing and following a standard course delivery plan
-Experience: Experience in an academic environment, and particularly in a career college environment, is of great importance. Work experience in the following areas is highly valued:
  • Academic teaching (higher education)
  • Career college teaching/management (program/department chair)
  • Professional/executive education (administration)

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