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Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Emergency Department, Nights

University of Maryland Medical System
Largo, MD
Closing date
May 18, 2024

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Nursing, Ambulatory Care
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Job Description

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) - Emergency Department (ED)

Full-time / Night-Shift (7:30pm-8:00am)

UM Capital Region - Largo, MD


Provides patient care under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician. Takes and records vital signs, applies bandages/dressings, and dispenses medications. Observes patients and reports adverse reactions to medications or treatments. May assist patients with activities of daily living.

Principal Duties:

1. Participates in the development, interpretation, implementation, evaluation and documentation of the plan of care for each patient using the nursing process:

a. Initiates patient admission data at time of entry to the unit within designated time frame, through direct observation and interview with the patient and/or significant others.

b. Under leadership of an RN, gathers data on patient's physical, educational, emotional and psychosocial needs.

c. Assists RN in the development and update of an individualized plan of care.

2. Under leadership of the RN, provides skilled and safe nursing care to assigned patients:

a. Receives report on patients assigned; identifies common and recurring patient problems, symptoms and behavioral changes and communicates same to RN

b. Sets priorities for patient care and alters as necessary under the guidance of the RN

c. Performs all duties with awareness and sensitivity to patient/significant others' rights. Maintains confidentiality of patient-related issues.

d. Administers prescribed medications and treatments in accordance with unit/division standards; is aware of drug interactions, actions and side effects; accurately calculates and maintains IV infusions.

e. Able to organize and assist licensed independent practitioner with bedside procedures; skills are performed accurately and aseptically.

f. Ensures the comfort and safety of assigned patients at all times while on duty.

3. Recognizes and refers complex problems to RN. Follows through on predictable problems:

a. Identifies signs and symptoms which require emergency intervention and responds appropriately according to unit/division standards.

b. Incorporates knowledge of and understanding of normal limits of vital signs and commonly used lab test by reporting abnormal findings to the charge nurse/designee.

4. Incorporates knowledge and skills to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients (adolescent, adult, geriatric) served on the assigned unit.

5. Incorporates understanding of the medical plan of care and ensures the physician orders are implemented promptly and accurately.

a. Reviews physician orders as written and countersigns transcription.

6. Incorporates nursing interventions accurately, clearly and concisely, according to the unit standard. a. Writes clear, concise notes; accurately documents therapies and patient response according to division/unit standards.

7. Gives pertinent, accurate, concise and organized report.

8. Participates in patient care conferences and discharge planning. Coordinates with other members of the health care team in providing care.

9. Participates in patient education activities involving the patient and/or significant others based on identified needs:

a. Identifies needs and documents plan for routine patient and family education.

b. Under direction of RN, teaches patient/families.

c. Provides written resource materials.

d. Documents instruction and patient/family responses to educational activities.

e. Evaluates need for further instruction based on patient/family responses; seeks assistance of resource person as needed.

10. Performs appropriately in emergency situations: Code 99, Fire, Disaster, Code 13.

11. Provides a clean, safe and therapeutic environment in all areas of the unit. Reports unsafe conditions to charge nurse/designee. Reports errors in practice standards to nursing leadership.

12. Able to operate all equipment on the unit. Reports unsafe or damaged equipment according to unit/Hospital policies.

13. Checks crash cart and completes other duties as assigned.

Customer Service:

1. Greets customers in courteous, friendly, respectful and professional manner at all times, including maintaining eye contact when appropriate.

2. Follows communication protocols to both internal and external customers, including introducing him/herself with job title and experience, asking open ended questions, such as "How may I be of help to you?" using the customer's name as soon as it is learned.

3. Responds promptly and appropriately to customer questions/concerns/complaints and attempts immediate resolution.

4. Keeps customer's information confidential, including public places such as elevators or the cafeteria.

5. Provides assistance and offers help immediately, including finding someone else to meet the request, if unable to do so him/herself. Introduce other staff to customers when a hand-off occurs and explain that the person will provide excellent service.

6. Demonstrates commitment to excellent service recovery when a customer's expectations have not been met.

Commitment to Co-Workers:

1. Offers assistance to colleagues and other departments when needed.

2. Takes responsibility for solving problems regardless of origin; completes assignments, and respects deadlines.

3. Resolves conflict directly with colleagues and seeks assistance from others if the issue cannot be resolved. Refrains from criticism in public.

4. Mindful and respectful of others' time and schedules. Attends meetings on time and communicates any absences.

5. Provides co-workers with a status report for continuity of workflow when planning to be out of the office, off the unit, or away from the department

Communication Etiquette:

1. Respectful, courteous and professional in all forms of communication and follows facility's service communication protocol in all interactions.

2. Refrains from use of personal cell phone in patient care areas and keeps usage to a minimum at all other times while on duty.

3. Does not text or use e-mail during meetings (except for exigent or emergency situations).

4. Limits use of business cell phone during meetings (remain on vibrate and/or calls go to voicemail).

5. Makes every effort to answer telephone calls within three rings, introducing him/herself, department and title (if appropriate). Asks permission before placing the caller on hold or using the speakerphone. If caller is transferred, gives the caller the extension number of the person he or she is being transferred to. Offers further assistance to the caller upon completing the conversation.

6. Maintains an appropriate voicemail message and when away from the office has an out-of-office email message that is brief, current, and includes name and department and offers the caller options if possible.

7. Returns email and voicemail messages promptly but no later than within one business day (24 hours).

8. Always mindful of voice and language in public.

Self Management:

1. Reports to work appropriately groomed and in compliance with the Hospital's dress code. Wears identification badge at all times at chest level and facing outwards so identification is clearly visible.

2. Complete all assignments within deadlines or negotiates alternative actions and time frames in order to achieve desired outcomes.

3. Completes mandatory, annual education and competency requirements.

4. Follows UM CAP safety, infection control and employee health standards.

5. Demonstrates responsibility for personal growth, development and professional knowledge and competency.

6. Adhere to all UM CAP and department policies and procedures, including Code of Conduct and professional behavior standards. Does not exceed Hospital guidelines in reference to attendance, punctuality, and use of sick and unplanned absences. Provides notification of absences, lateness and vacation requests according to department guidelines. Respects length of time for lunch and break times.

7. Reviews, signs, and adheres to UM CAP and/or departmental confidentiality statement.

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