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American Sign Language (ASL) Instructor

Davidson Academy
Nashville, TN
Closing date
May 17, 2024

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Job DescriptionJob DescriptionDescription:
Davidson Academy is seeking a part time time High School American Sign Language (ASL) Teacher for the 2024-2025 school year. The ideal candidate possesses the skills and enthusiasm for the subject area, as well as a desire to see students improve and succeed. The ASL teacher will be working closely with the foreign language department to produce high-quality instruction and engaging content.

The following duties are normal for this position but are not all-inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned.
  • Identifies and adopts the most effective, active, creative teaching approaches for all students in line with current best practice and the ethos of Davidson Academy.
  • Understands the curriculum, designs effective lesson plans, and use powerful instructional strategies to help students master the required content.
  • Works with other members of the faculty to apply consistent standards in the following: curriculum planning and delivery; formative and summative assessment through classwork, homework, and formal examination; standardization and moderation.
  • Displays a strong commitment to integrating faith in to the curriculum.
  • Creates a stimulating learning environment, including displays of student work.
  • Establishes classroom rules and ensures all students understand and follow them.
  • Meets and instructs assigned classes in the locations and at the times designated.
  • Plans a program of study that, as much as possible, meets the individual needs, interests, and abilities of the students.
  • Creates a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interests of the students.
  • Prepares for all classes assigned and shows written evidence of preparation.
  • Establishes clear outcomes for all lessons, class work, and projects. These outcomes are communicated to students.
  • Assesses the progress of students on a regular basis and provides progress reports and report cards as required.
  • Supports the program of study, using a variety of instructional techniques, instructional media and technology.
  • Takes all necessary precautions to protect students, materials, and facilities.
  • Maintains accurate, complete, and correct records as required by Davidson Academy.

  • We believe God has revealed Himself, His purposes, and His ways in the Bible, which is therefore absolute in its truth and authority over daily living.
  • We believe God is one, absolute in power and authority over all people. He has revealed Himself as Heavenly Father and is the first person of the Trinity.
  • We believe Jesus Christ is the second person of the Trinity, the physical embodiment of God; He is fully God and fully man, a mystery that calls us to worship.
  • We believe the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. He is the invisible and contemporary presence of God.
  • We believe all human kind are separated from God by sin and are in need of a Savior.
  • We believe salvation comes only through belief (faith) in Jesus Christ as revealed in Scripture, His virgin birth, His sinless life, His sacrificial death upon the cross and His resurrection from the dead.
  • We believe Christians should live their lives in a community, as members of a body of believers, and in subjection to the will of God, holding one another accountable for their decisions and choices and offering encouragement and prayer support in all things.

Beliefs and Philosophy of Christian Education

Davidson Academy endeavors to assure that students are:

Grounded in God's Word as the source of truth;

inspired to grow in spiritual wisdom;

guided by personnel committed to excellence;

trained in the fundamental and college-preparatory academic skills;

encouraged to accomplish goals and be recognized for achievement; and

provided opportunities for physical and social development through programs and service

Below are requirements for the position:

  1. Is in whole-hearted agreement with the school's Statements of Faith and Beliefs and Philosophy of Christian education.
  2. Demonstrates the character qualities of enthusiasm, courtesy, flexibility, integrity, gratitude, kindness, self- control, perseverance, and punctuality.
  3. Meets everyday stress with emotional stability, objectivity, and optimism.
  4. Respectfully submits and is loyal to constituted authority.
  5. Notifies the supervisor/administrator of any policy he/she is unable to support.
  6. Refuses to use or circulate confidential information inappropriately.
  7. Places his/her ministry at DA ahead of other jobs or volunteer activities.
  8. Appreciates and understands the diversity of the Davidson Academy community.
  9. Recognizes the need for good public relations. Represents the school in a favorable and professional manner to the school's constituency and the general public.
  10. Treats co-workers, parents and students with friendliness, dignity, and respect.
  11. Follows Matthew 18 principle in dealing with students, parents, staff, and administration.
  12. Seeks the counsel of the supervisor and colleagues while maintaining a teachable attitude.
  13. Uses acceptable English in written and oral communication.

  1. Believes that the Bible is God's Word and standard for faith and daily living.
  2. Is a Christian role model in attitude, speech, and actions toward others. This includes being committed to God's biblical standards for sexual conduct (Luke 6:40).
  3. Regularly attends a local, evangelical church, which has a Statement of Faith in harmony with the Davidson Academy Statement of Faith.
  4. Shows by example the importance of Scripture study and memorization, prayer, witnessing, and unity in the Body of Christ.
  5. Reflects the purpose of the school, which is to honor Christ in every class and every activity.
  6. Motivates students to accept God's gift of salvation and help them grow in their faith.
  7. Leads students to a realization of their worth in Christ.
  8. Has the spiritual maturity, ability, and personal qualities to "train up a child in the way he/she should go."
  9. Recognizes the role of parents as holding primary responsibility before God for their children's education and is prepared to assist them in that task.
  10. Maintains a personal appearance that is a Christian role model of cleanliness, modesty, and good taste, that is in agreement with any applicable school policy.

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