Research Associate - Multiscale modeling of metallic alloy solidification

IMDEA Materials Institute is looking for a Research Associate (PhD in Materials Engineering, Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering, Computational Materials Science, or related discipline) to develop multiscale modeling strategies to simulate the microstructural development during solidification of metallic alloys.

The project will focus on phase-field modeling to simulate crystal growth in solidification processing. The overarching objective of the project is to build a multiscale computational framework in which phase-field will be coupled to other simulation methods relevant to different length and time scales. Towards lower length scales, phase-field will be coupled with atomistic simulations, using e.g. molecular dynamics. Towards larger length scales, phase-field will be coupled with macroscopic thermo-mechanical simulations, using e.g. finite elements modeling.

The researcher's main responsibility will be to adapt existing phase-field codes, and to develop new ones when necessary, in order to enable these multiscale coupling strategies. The researcher will collaborate with other researchers at IMDEA that are in charge of the development of the other codes (e.g. finite elements, molecular dynamics, etc.). The project will benefit from extensive experimental data to validate the simulations.

The candidate will learn advanced concepts in multiscale materials modeling, physical metallurgy, solidification processing, and gain hands-on experience in scientific programming for multi-scale and multi-physics modeling. The researcher will gain experience in a technological field with high employability, and benefit from direct interactions with world leaders from both academia and industry.

Spanish free classes offered on site.

Full time contract including social security coverage

Job offer will be opened until the position is filled.

Candidates availables immediately.