Research Scientist in Allergy Inflammation

Dec 27, 2018
Feb 11, 2019
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LE STUDIUM Loire Valley for Advanced Studies is recruiting an experienced scientist to work at INEM laboratory (CNRS/University of Orleans) in the framework of the Biopharmaceuticals Programme ARD2020 on a specific research project: Allergy pathophysiology: identification of new therapeutic targets and assessment of biopharmaceuticals efficacy.
The successful candidate will be invited for a one-year fellowship and will benefit from the dynamic scientific environment of the region Centre-Val de Loire (France).and will be part of an outward looking and stimulating pluri-disciplinary scientific and international community.


Antibodies and Biopharmaceuticals neutralizing human target proteins are usually species-specific, and preclinical evaluation requires specific in vivo models, such as ‘humanized' mice.
Allergic inflammation due allergens and environmental factors is major cause of morbidity. The project, related to the BIO-MODEL project led by INEM and Artimmune aims at developping humanized models of allergy, such as severe food allergy to egg and peanut, suited for the preclinical evaluation of biopharmaceuticals. For this project, we will use mice expressing the human receptor of IgE antibodies (hFcεRI) in place of the murine receptor homologue. IgE mediated degranulation of tissue mast cells with the release of highly active mediators are important for the effector phase and anaphylactic reactions. Mechanistically, recently identified innate lymphoid cell populations, such as ILC2 and ILC3 cells are both involved in the development allergic respiratory response defining the Th2 and Th17 pathways. The teams at INEM and Artimmune have an important track record on the role of Th2 and Th17 responses using gene deficient mice in mouse models of chronic, severe and treatment-resistant asthma to identify druggable therapeutic targets.
The allergic response depends on the nature of allergens, but also on control by neural, endocrine, microbiote and metabolic regulation, an area of intense research. We initiated studies of asthma models in germ-free mice, and we develop models in monocolonized germ-free mice, or after human fecal reconstitution of germ-free mice. We also addressed neural contribution such as vagal control using acetylcholine esterase transporter (ChAT reporter mice) and ILC2- and ILC3-specific ChAT deficient mice suggesting a dependence on both ILC2 and ILC3 for an allergic response. Further, the analysis of the metabolites revealed a critical role of metabolites such as SCFA, succinate and itaconate, which needs to be followed.


The research scientist will conduct state of the art investigations using the novel tools available in the lab to develop a better understanding of allergy pathophysiology. The objective of the research is to improve our knowledge of the pathogenic impact of allergy and environmental co-morbidity factors, contribute to identify new therapeutic targets, and develop an assay setting suitable to assess biopharmaceuticals efficacy. The successful applicant will work in a team dedicated to preclinical research and drug discovery, on an ambitious project locally supported and implying collaboration with an industrial partner. S/he will benefit from the expertise and state-of-the-art facilities of the CNRS campus in animal experiments, germ-free facility, cell imaging, and in vivo functional exploration.

The position is based in Orleans, France and offers a contract of one year.
The successful candidate will be welcomed into the Biopharmaceuticals Programme network and LE STUDIUM faculty of international research fellows working in the region Centre-Val de Loire. S/he will be provided with the necessary means of work (laboratory facilities, office, telephone, internet, access to databases, computer tools, etc ...).
The scientific working languages are French and English.
Entitlements detailed in the French labour contract of employment include:
a personal salary.
rental costs of a fully furnished apartment for the applicant and her/his family. Utilities (water, heating, electricity, tax) have to be covered by the research fellow.
Affiliation to the French social security protection scheme and a contribution to a private medical protection scheme for all health costs complementing the French basic social security protection.
Working hours, vacation and travelling expenses are bound by the same regulation as those effective for the personnel of the hosting laboratory.
Logistics and administrative assistance by a member of LE STUDIUM operational team.

The fellowship is intended to attract an experienced international researcher in possession of a doctoral degree and a minimum of five years of full-time research experience, preferably ten.
Applicant researchers must be national or long-term resident of a country other than France, i.e. having spent a period of full-time research activity of at least 5 consecutive years in a country other than France.
Applicant researchers must also comply with the following mobility rule: not having resided or carried out their main activity (work, etc.) in France for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the deadline of application.

Independent peer reviews
LE STUDIUM International Scientific Council

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