Lecturer in Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences and MDS 

United Kingdom
Jan 07, 2019
Feb 11, 2019
Organization Type
University and College
Full Time
The post-holder joins the University of Birmingham on an appointment which draws together Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences (LANS) and the College of Medical and Dental Sciences (MDS) on a 50/50 basis, enabling the two units to develop the interdisciplinary potential across the different areas of scientific expertise. They will support the students on project and other taught work within LANS, MDS, the University, and outside the academy.

The post-holder will support and grow capacity for biomedical science and aligned subjects e.g. public health and translational research between the university and a wide range of audiences and stakeholders, whilst also framing new directions for interdisciplinary learning by contributing to and developing interdisciplinary taught and project-based modules.

The post offers an opportunity to facilitate student project work which spans and connects LANS and MDS, creating exciting inter-, trans-, and meta-disciplinary teaching and learning opportunities. The post-holder will work within the College of MDS to provide support for LANS students studying MDS subjects. This role will also involve supporting interdisciplinary projects for students who are interested in developing their research interests in science, technology, arts and medicine. The post-holder will thus develop strong networks connecting LANS and MDS academic staff and students which will enable LANS students to undertake dissertations (or independent research projects) with lead researchers within the College, with the interdisciplinary framework being facilitated by the post-holder.

This new post represents a strategic investment enabling coherent and deeply embedded collaboration between LANS and MDS; it supports the University's strategic interdisciplinary research and teaching goals, and underpins MDS' commitment to making new knowledge accessible and with meaningful outcomes for a range of stakeholders.


Person Specification

• PhD (or equivalent expertise in industry) in biomedical science or translational medicine related subjects

• Proven high level analytical capability

• Ability to design and deliver module materials successfully

• Proven ability to assess and organise resources effectively

• Understanding of, and ability to contribute to, broader management/administration processes

• Outstanding communication skills

• Proven networking skills

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