Researcher in magnetism/archaeology

Duties and responsibilities
  • Field surveys to validate progresses.
  • Organization of the project with Terremys and Alsace Archeologie.
  • Processing and interpretation of acquired magnetic data, scientific valorisation.
  • Regular summary of progress and proposals for corrections in case of difficulty.
  • The agent will make the link with Terremys and Alsace Archeologie so that the R & D will go ahaid as anticipated in the funding program. Moreover, he/she will value the results obtained by talks or posters in scientific meetings and scientific articles.

The details of the presentation of the laboratory can be found at

The agent will be welcomed in the team "Geology, oceans lithosphere sediments" and will work under the direction of Marc MUNSCHY within the framework of the DROMMA project (Financing of the Grand Est Region and the ERDF).


  • To be able to implement on the field (ground or drone) the magnetic measurements.
  • To be able to autonomously conduct a magnetic interpretation.
  • To be able to compare the interpretations with archaeological knowledge.


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