PhD : Monitoring and modeling physical weathering of Draix marls and its effect on erosion.

Mar 08, 2019
Mar 20, 2019
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University and College
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PhD description

The objective of the project is to study the effect of rock physical weathering and its dynamics on erosion. The study will be based on Draix-Bleone critical zone observatory, which is located on a very erodible marly substrate. A variety of physical processes are responsible for the weathering of marl resulting in the formation of a layer of fragments, called regolith, which can later be mobilized for erosion. The first approach will consist in monitoring at a local scale the characteristic of the regolithe (thickness, grain-size distribution, porosity) and the possible controlling factors (soil temperature and moisture). These measurements will be used to create a 1D model of the seasonal dynamics of regolith. The second approach will be to spatialize and implement this description into a landscape evolution model (Landlab) to simulate the effect of regolith dynamics on catchment-scale erosion. This model will be calibrated based on sediment flux data from Draix observatory then used to test the effect of climatic hypotheses on erosion.


Applicants must have a Masters degree or equivalent qualification when the contract is signed.