Research Fellow - Plant Molecular Genetics

United Kingdom
Mar 12, 2019
Mar 20, 2019
Organization Type
University and College
Full Time
Job Purpose

To create and contribute to the creation of knowledge by undertaking a specified range of activities within an established research programme and/or specific research project. With this exciting project we seek to provide new insight into how signals are directly transduced into epigenetic changes to coordinate development and environmental/stress-responsiveness in plants, using Arabidopsis as a model. This project will use a range of biochemical, genetic and cell biology approaches, including ChIP PCR and ChIP-Seq, to investigate a a role for the PRC2 component VRN2 in the regulation of the global chromatin landscape in response to environmental signals, building on our recent discovery that VRN2 is regulated by the N-end rule pathway of proteolysis (Gibbs et al 2018 Nature Communications). The candidate will work together with a Post Doc, technical support person on this 30 month project, which has been funded by the ERC.


Main Duties

  • Carry out research, including Arabidopsis molecular genetics, protein biochemistry, ChIP and RNA-Seq, and physiology as required by grant objectives, under the overall supervision of Dr. Daniel Gibbs.
  • Day to day responsibility for the conduct and satisfactory progress of the research
  • Keep meticulous digital and hard copy experimental records using paper and online notebooks
  • Communicate with collaborators and attend meetings with them as required
  • Contribute ideas and be involved with the longer term planning of the project in consultation with Dr. Gibbs
  • Be prepared to share their expertise with more junior members of the laboratory e.g. research students.
  • Develop research objectives and proposals for own or joint research, with assistance of a mentor if required
  • Contribute to writing bids for research funding
  • Analyse and interpret data
  • Apply knowledge in a way which develops new intellectual understanding
  • Disseminate research findings for publication, research seminars etc
  • Supervise students on research related work and provide guidance to PhD students where appropriate to the discipline
  • Contribute to developing new models, techniques and methods
  • Undertake management/administration arising from research
  • To manage the day-to-day research objectives of the associated technician who will be hired as part of the project, under the overall supervision of Dr. Daniel Gibbs
  • Attend and participate in meetings by Skype and conference call with international collaborators


Person Specification

  • PhD in the area of plant molecular genetics
  • Protein biology experience essential(including western blotting and immunoprecipitation)
  • Experience of chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and ChIP-Seq/RNA-seq desirable
  • Computer skills
  • Plant cell biology
  • Ability to design, execute and write up experimental work independently and to troubleshoot failed experiments
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team or independently as required
  • Willingness to learn new experimental/intellectual techniques
  • Motivation and commitment
  • Good time management skills, ability to prioritise and meet deadlines
  • Able to communicate effectively with supervisors and collaborators
  • An understanding of the issues of confidentiality and to conduct themselves in a manner that protects any confidential information in their possession

Closing Date: 10 Apr 2019

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