PhD Research Project - Cerebral tumours intraoperatory classification through immersive 3D models

Apr 16, 2019
May 16, 2019
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University and College
Full Time
At the Centre on Software Technologies and Multimedia Systems (CITSEM), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), Spain, (project leader: PhD. Eduardo Juárez) and the Hospital 12 de Octubre (H12O) Neurosurgery service (project leader: PhD. Alfonso Lagares), we are opening three 3-year positions for graduate students in the following areas:
  • Design of new multidimensional image modalities for real-time brain tumour detection
  • Development of fusion-classification algorithms for different image modalities (including hyperspectral) in immersive 3D environments)
  • Design and development of High Performance Computing nodes for medical imaging fusion, classification & immersive 3D representation

We are looking for highly motivated individuals, passionate about (some of) the below described areas, with high commitment to the work, able to work independently, good collaborative skills and interest to engage in the project.

These positions are framed and funded within the Madrid's Regional Synergetic R&D program NEMESIS-3D project Brain Tumours Intraoperatory Classification through Immersive 3D Models, which begins in January 2019. The three positions involve a highly intertwined work, so the candidates will be working in a close-collaborative environment.


MSc degree in Electrical/Computer/Telecommunications Engineering or Computer Science.

Exceptional undergraduate students about to finish their degrees on any of the above topics will also be considered (although they will have to complete previously the MSc. Program).

Registration must be done through the madrid website, please follow the given link.

Each of the 3 selected candidates will be hired for up to 3 years (exceptional extensions up to one year might be considered) according to the general UPM/H12O regulations. These include full social security coverage and a net salary competitive for living standards in a city as Madrid (around 1.300 €/month depending on personal/family situation). Expenses for attending conferences and workshops are covered with the available funding. Research visits during the duration of the work are more than encouraged.