Postdoctoral researcher in experimental solid-state physics: low dimensional electronic systems

Aug 14, 2019
Sep 13, 2019
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University and College
Full Time
The central part of his/her work will be to use and develop new experimental tools in the area of resistively-detected magnetic resonances.

Among the studied topics, we will focus on:
  • i) The mechanisms of superconductivity in the 2D limit (disordered materials, and high mobility mono-layered systems).
  • ii) new quantum phases in 2D conductors (Quantum spin Hall phase in graphene, topological insulators).

She/he will also be strongly involved in the realization of high magnetic fields / very low temperatures transport experiments on various electronic structures (carbon allotropes, 2D materials, topological insulators, superconductors, Weyl semi-metals, etc...) in collaboration with the worldwide users of the Grenoble facility.

Postdoctoral position at the Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses (LNCMI)- Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Grenoble, FRANCE, in experimental solid-states physics.

The successful candidate will join the low dimensional systems and quantum transport group (Benjamin A. Piot), focusing on the experimental study of low dimensional electronic systems.

The LNCMI is a host laboratory for experiments in high dc magnetic fields (currently up to 37T). The scientific activities of the laboratory involve both in-house and collaborative research. The access to high-magnetic-field facilities is possible after the submission of experiment proposals and their selection by an international committee. The LNCMI in Grenoble is also a member of the European Magnetic Field Laboratory. The successful candidate will thus have a chance to learn about physics in high magnetic fields in a European and word-wide context.

Candidates should hold a Ph.D. in experimental condensed matter Physics. A good technical background in low temperature experiments is crucial. Experience with transport experiments, sample processing, as well as a knowledge of the physics of 2D materials would be appreciated.

Experience required : 0 to 6 years after PhD

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