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Championing Women in Engineering: A Call to Action for Engineering Leaders

Written by: Sriram Panyam
Published on: Jun 24, 2024

Women in Engineering

Photo Credit: Gorodenkoff -

I brought my daughters to work one day ― after all, who wouldn’t want to show off their workplace on a themed bring-your-family-to-work day, especially one with endless desserts! My daughters were awestruck. As a final highlight after all the fun activities, I took them to see “Daddy’s desk,” walking past a flock of engineers.

Arriving at my desk, I proudly asked, “So, what did you think?” Surabhi, my younger one, still reeling from the festivities, managed a “pretty cool.” Surprised, I asked, “That’s it?” After a long silence, she delivered the stunner, “Okay, really fun ― but… where are all the girls?”

Surabhi’s innocent question stuck with me. Though I was blinded to it, the sparsity of female engineers was apparent to a young girl. That moment was a stark reminder of the underrepresentation of women in technology.

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