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Advanced Regulatory


The next twelve months is an exciting time for all of us at Advanced Regulatory. Here we are a leading European recruiter for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical research areas. We continue to expand our recruitment business by building upon our highly successful Regulatory Affairs recruitment team as we further develop all our recruitment disciplines including Quality Assurance, Pharmacovigilance and now Health Economics. Our services are growing for both international and national placements - applicants seeking local and international placements like the flexibilities our approach affords for positions in Europe and Switzerland, not just in the UK.

Many years in the Life Sciences sector have shown that time and time again, it is our relationships with both clients and applicants which make our actions successful and add value. We are not just a group of sales people with little residual knowledge following a script - we have developed our know how over many years. Our ethos is to spend time and observe people and build relationships. This means we can be of better help to you. We look forward this coming year to developing more relationships and helping more people find their next challenge.

HR teams like using our recruitment teams because we are thoroughly inducted in Life Sciences recruitment, organisational development and corporate recruitment procedures. With well-known recruitment leaders providing the necessary insight and experience to compete in this sector, we are steadfast in our approach and do not give up easily. It is these qualities and our knowledge of the sector that endears us to all the professionals we work with

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