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Examining the Draw of Diversity: How Diversity Climate Perceptions Affect Job-Pursuit Intentions

Research Diversity Perception
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Organizations must target talented applicants, who will often be demographically diverse, to attract the most competent and competitive workforce possible. Despite the bottom-line implications of attracting the best and brightest, surprisingly little is known about how and why diversity recruitment strategies affect recruitment outcomes (e.g., job-pursuit intentions). To gain insight into this question, we conducted an initial experimental study (N = 194) to test the premise that other-group orientation moderates the relationship between perceived organizational value of diversity and job-pursuit intentions. In a follow-up experiment (N = 255), identity affirmation was examined as the mediating mechanism for the interaction observed in the first study. Mediated moderation analyses supported the proposed model. Collectively, the studies indicate that job seekers high in other-group orientation are more intent on pursuing employment with organizations deemed to value diversity because they feel that their salient identities are likely to be affirmed. No such indirect effect is present for those lower in other-group orientation.

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