How Does Your Institution Perform on Equality Measures for Black Students?

Published on: Feb 21, 2019

The USC Race and Equity Center recently released a report that tracks equality indicators for black students at every public higher education institution in the United States. The report, entitled “Black Students at Public Colleges and Universities: A 50-State Report Card,” grades institutions on four criteria:

  • The share of black students in the student body compared to the share of black 18 to 24 year olds in the state
  • Gender equity between black men and women as a share of the student body
  • Graduation rate equity between black students and the student body at large
  • The black student-to-black faculty ratio.

The schools that scored highest on these indicators were:

  1. Massachusetts College of the Liberal Arts
  2. University of California-San Diego
  3. University of Louisville
  4. University of Minnesota-Morris
  5. Pennsylvania State University-Greater Allegheny

The schools that scored the lowest were:

  1. Florida Polytechnic University
  2. University of Alaska Southeast
  3. Fort Lewis College
  4. Wayne State College
  5. Northern Michigan University

To see your how your institution performs on these measures, please see the complete report here.

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