How to Recruit Hispanic and Latinx Candidates

Written by: Olivia Yongue
Published on: Oct 19, 2021

man on phone
Photo credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

With the hiring landscape evolving due to post-pandemic needs, it’s crucial for companies to update their hiring practices in order to be inclusive of the widest range of candidates.

Especially as they enter the peak season for seasonal hiring, it’s important for companies to ensure that their recruiting plans are strategic and inclusive -- which is crucial when targeting diverse candidates.

Also, October is Global Diversity Awareness Month, so it's an appropriate time to highlight the importance of inclusivity regarding diverse groups in the hiring process -- with a specific focus for this article on Hispanic and Latinx candidates.

Jobseekers will find it useful to learn some information on what recruiters are looking for and the growing importance of Hispanic and Latinx candidates.

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