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Humanizing the Jobseeker Experience: A Conversation

Published on: Feb 15, 2022

diverse young adults
Photo credit: Christopher Futcher/iStockphoto

DEI is a crucial topic right now, but what’s the story behind the data? 

Madgex (a Wiley brand) answered this question with two extensive surveys focused on professionals with disabilities and Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). 

These statistics are a harrowing but honest exposure of what it's like to deal with bias and discrimination within the work place. The stats we present within the eBooks, and topics further explored in the blogs, are to uncover the issues and create useful action points that associations can implement to become stronger leaders in their industry. By creating a dignified and responsive area to help all members advance their careers, they can grow ethically towards the future.

73% of professionals with disabilities surveyed were concerned that their disability might have a negative effect on their ability to successfully compete in the job market.

That’s not just another lifeless statistic – it's the life experiences of your current and prospective members.

As our extensive survey of 200+ professionals with disabilities showed, allyship is needed now.

That ally is your association.

We followed this research with a panel discussion, in which we had a powerful conversation about the advancement of BIPOC individuals both in associations and careers. We encourage you to watch the recording where our panelists share some inspiring words and actionable steps that associations can take to support BIPOC professionals in their career journey.

It was moderated by Maria Sucher at Wiley with panelists Zahra Clayborne (PhD candidate at UoOttawa and survey participant), Dawn Harris (Diversity & Inclusion Director, CFP Board), and Amber Cabral (Global Inclusion Strategist, Wiley Author, and TedEd Speaker).

Want to read more? We delve deeper in to research with additional blogs, covering stories, trends insights from the survey and interviews.