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My Brown Woman Doctor White Coat

Written by: Rida Khan
Published on: May 2, 2022

Indian female doctor
Photo credit: fizkes/Adobe Stock

Recently, after graduating from medical school and completing my last board exam, Step 3, I decided to branch out and indulge in forgotten joys, things I used to like that may have dampened over the past few coming-of-age years.

I reached out to several professional organizations of which I was a student member and volunteered to join the newsletter, more to edit and organize than to write. I have not written in a while (apart from sporadic diaries, Tweets, and Tumblr posts–my roommate in college told me those don’t count), and as a constitutionally shy person, I wouldn’t put myself out there for the world. Everyone was very excited to have me on board. One of the editors told me enthusiastically that I would have a unique perspective for their publication, as a female medical student during the Covid pandemic. Feebly and stupidly, I said, “I don’t know if I’ll have anything to say about it other than that it was horrible and I hated it…” and flashed a wide and anxious smile.

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