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Role of Funders in Addressing the Continued Lack of Diversity in Science and Medicine

Written by: Folakemi T. Odedina, Mariana C. Stern
Published on: Nov 26, 2021

man holds medical model of human brain
Photo credit: RapidEye/iStockphoto

During 2020 and 2021, the issues of diversity, equity and inclusion have risen to the top of the list of critical concerns that science and medicine faces.

The senseless murders of George Floyd, Breanna Taylor and others at the hands of police officers in the United States, as well as racism and discrimination against Asians globally due to COVID-19, have led to monumental impact and clear realization of the racial injustice in every aspect of our lives. The lack of diversity, equity and inclusion in science and medicine is, however, not new. In fact, it has been seen as a prevalent epidemic, with bias, racism and discrimination at the core of the problem.

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