Digital Skills Gap Index 2021

Published on: Nov 11, 2021


The Digital Skills Gap Index 2021 is a planning tool for policymakers, a roadmap for educators, and a resource for recruiters, to help bridge the digital skills divide.

Economies now have a tool that allows smarter recovery, investment, and a deeper understanding of where and how to impact the digital skills gap – fostering a global workforce prepared for a post-pandemic digital economy and an equitable recovery.

Wiley’s DSGI was created to respond to the call of stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region. It has its roots as an Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) initiative, and as such, APEC nomenclature will be used.


DSGI ranks 134 economies based on a host of global indicators that reflect how advanced and prepared an economy is with the digital skills needed for sustained growth, recovery, and prosperity. Use this tool to find out:

What is the mismatch between employer’s needs and employee’s skills?
To what extent is there a STEM gender gap?
Who is leading academic research output on digital subject matters?

The DSGI encourages corporate, education, and public policy leaders to address the challenges of closing the digital skill gap.


• The disparity between employers’ needs and employees’ skills
• The role of government and education institutions in tackling the skills gap
• The extent of the STEM gender gap
• Who leads in academic research output in the digital space
• What the big challenges are in bridging the digital skills gap

Click here to watch a short video about the gender gap in digital skills presented by Maria Aurora Martinez Ramos, VP, Business Education & Careers at Wiley.

You can also download the whitepaper by visiting the DSGI website or clicking the front cover: