How to Design for Sustained Equity and Inclusion

Written by: Sahana Mukherjee
Published on: Aug 15, 2022

diversity, equity and inclusion
Photo credit: Dzmitry/Adobe Stock

Microaggressions, a term first coined in the 1970s, was added to the dictionary in February 2017. Back in the 1970s, when the term was used by Harvard University’s Professor Chester M. Pierce, it was to describe insults he had witnessed. The effects, as a lot of people can attest to, can be life-long.

Did defining the term back in the 1970s or it gaining enough traction to be added to the dictionary in 2017 address or resolve the problem? While defining the problem is a critical step toward any action, it is even more critical to focus on the path to action that addresses the problem for sustainable change.

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