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Mission statement of the Women in Medicine Summit

Published on: Aug 17, 2020

Barriers have existed for women in medicine since the first woman entered the healthcare workforce.  

The focus of this summit is to identify barriers women in medicine face and create action plans that can be executed at both the local and national level. During the two-day summit, faculty facilitate breakout sessions and presentations given by diverse speakers from various specialties and institutions. Each session delivers evidence-based talks and present tools and solutions to be utilized in working towards fixing the system and closing the gender gap across all specialties and aspects of healthcare. We must empower women in medicine with the tools they need to change the system at their home institutions and in their specialty specific organizations.  

This summit is planned and executed by a steering committee comprised of women from each of the major academic institutions in Chicago, and leaders from national organizations from across the country. WIMS is endorsed by local and national organizations.  

The Summit is a unification of women in healthcare, with the common goal of finding and implementing solutions to gender inequity. ​

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